Experience the Venetian Carnival: A Masked Spectacle


Uncover the magic and allure of Venice's famous Carnival season

1. Attend a Masquerade Ball

Immerse yourself in the Venetian Carnival by attending a glamorous masquerade ball. Dress in elegant attire, don a beautiful mask, and dance the night away with other revellers.


2. Visit St. Mark's Square

Explore the heart of the Venetian Carnival at St. Mark's Square. Admire the vibrant costumes, witness street performers, and enjoy live music and entertainment.


3. Join a Carnival Parade

Be part of the festivities by joining a lively carnival parade. Follow the floats, dancers, and participants as they march through the streets, creating a vibrant atmosphere.


4. Discover Traditional Venetian Masks

Delve into the history and artistry of traditional Venetian masks. Visit workshops or museums to learn about the craftsmanship behind these iconic symbols of the carnival.


5. Attend a Mask-Making Workshop

Unleash your creativity and craft your own Venetian mask at a mask-making workshop. Learn the techniques, choose your own design, and take home a unique souvenir.


6. Explore the Canals in a Gondola

Experience the magic of Venice by taking a romantic gondola ride through the picturesque canals. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and ambiance of the carnival from the water.


7. Attend a Carnival Concert

Indulge in the enchanting music of the Venetian Carnival by attending a carnival concert. Listen to classical compositions and performances by talented musicians.


8. Indulge in Carnival-themed Cuisine

Savor the flavors of the carnival with special carnival-themed cuisine. Explore traditional Venetian dishes and sweet treats that are exclusively prepared during the festival.


9. Discover Hidden Venetian Gems

Take some time to explore the hidden gems of Venice during the carnival. Wander through the narrow streets, discover charming squares, and stumble upon hidden treasures.


10. Capture Beautiful Photos in Costume

Embrace the carnival spirit by dressing up in a beautiful costume and capturing stunning photos in various picturesque locations in Venice. Create lasting memories of your experience.